Converting To Geothermal

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Thanks to temporary bans on new natural gas hookups in parts of New York, the market for single-family geothermal energy systems, which use underground pipes to harness the earth’s energy for heating and cooling buildings, is finally starting to make some inroads.

Geothermal energy systems use a network of underground pipes, commonly referred to as ground loops, which circulate water and propylene glycol, a type of nontoxic alcohol, all year. During the winter, the ground loops absorb the heat from the earth, which stays steady at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated liquid circulating in the loop is pushed into a pump system inside the house that then produces warm air. In the summer, the pump sucks out the warm air in the home and pushes it back into the cooler ground.

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New Affordable Housing

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The city’s goal to create 300,000 affordable housing units and keep them truly affordable took a step in that direction with the ribbon cutting at Beach Green Dunes II in Queens. 

Ayesha Hameed, a mother with three young children, received a three-bedroom apartment in the Far Rockaway development for $1,900 a month,  – at the same cost she was paying for a one bedroom on Beach 26th Street. Her reaction when she toured the new space overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a block from the A train was, “Perfect!”

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Zachary Fink, the founder of ZBF Geothermal, is third generator air conditioning and heating. Going full circle, his grandfather started his company to convert clients from coal to oil hot water heating. This uncle started S.A. Fink Associates and installed hundreds of geothermal systems going back to the 1970’s, along with converting customers from oil to natural gas. Since starting in the industry, Zach quickly identified the need for a company focused on high quality geothermal installations. After leaving S.A. Fink, Zach started geothermal divisions at two companies before founding ZBF Geothermal in 2012. In his families 70 years in the air conditioning and heating industries on Long Island, they’ve been on the front lines of every, what at the time, seemed like a cutting-edge technology to emerge.

ZBF Geothermal has been involved in the design, installation, and servicing of some of Long Island and New York City’s highest profile geothermal systems, including Beach Green Dunes II, NYC’s first closed loop affordable passive housing project located in Far Rockaway, NY. Clients have included Google X, National Grid, L+M Development, and thousands of residential clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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